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Professional House Sitters Nat and Jodie have saved over $20,000 on accommodations while traveling the world non-stop for over 2 years.

In this tell-all book they reveal everything you need to start your own house sitting adventure.

You'll learn inside strategies that will set you apart from the competition, giving you the ability to stay for FREE in beautiful homes anywhere in the world.

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International House Sitting: How To Travel the World and Stay Anywhere, For Free contains everything you want to know about House Sitting from how to get started to scoring the best house sits worldwide.
Inside this comprehensive guide you'll discover how to...

"Incorporating house sitting in our world travel plans has had a hugely beneficial and rippling effect upon our lives.   Most obviously, it allows us to save a ton of money as we travel. Except for a couple of overnight trips we made to explore larger cities, in which we paid for hotel rooms, we haven't had accommodation expenses in over 3 years! The financial savings realized through house sitting, along with our having very few living expenses, has allowed us to do work we're truly passionate about and to continue traveling indefinitely"

Sheila and Kai ( - Currently House Sitting Around the World

A Book For Everyone...Including YOU!

Nat and Jodie have helped thousands of different types of people learn how to succeed at International House Sitting. Single travelers and couples of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of experience have applied their proven system to land the best house sits worldwide. We guarantee this book will work for you too.

A Book Based On Experience

This book was written based Nat and Jodie's nearly 3 years of non-stop International house sitting and traveling. These are not opinions or ideas made up on a whim. The information in this book was provided by these two absolute experts who have lived the lifestyle and share the honest truth about everything involved. 

Learn more about Nat and Jodie at House Sitting World.

A Word From The Authors

“We love house sitting and want to share our love and passion with the world. That’s what this book is about. This book will teach anyone how to excel as an International House Sitter.”